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Why do people use CollectNode?

Massive commands executions

With CollectNode is easy to execute commands in parallel in all servers you want, simply add all server in a hosts file, and then execute the commands required on them, when the commands finish, a report will appear with the results.

Execute it grouping the servers

Sometimes you have a lot of server to do something with, but in a different time, or different commands, so CollectNode allows you to group the servers, to execute the commands just in the group/s specified.

Generate reports

Besides execute commands, CollectNode generate reports with the results, making very easy and friendly to read the output and know the exact status after the execution, and with the possibility to save the report at CVS format.

Customizing the reports

When a report is generated, it is possible to customize what is going to be displayed, so we can focus in the servers/result that really are important for us, saving us a lot of time trying to separate what really matters

Generate list of server

With CollectNode-DB all servers can be saved and tagged in a database, making possible to generate list of servers dynamically that accomplish certain condition we say, for instance, all server tagged as production.

Get all servers controlled and ready

CollectNode-DB allows us get a real list of all our servers, and manage them when necessary, creating in that moment a list with the servers involved.

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Latest Updates

Sometimes displaying all Cron users jobs can be a tedious work, and more if we need to know for several servers. Let’s see how to get the information using a Python script.

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Let’s see the easiest way to do a remote sudo: Usually when a command is executed in a remote server, an error is receive telling us that a remote in not possible, even if the user have permissions for the command we want to use. This is because , by default, requires a… Read More

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New CollectNode version 1.0.8 is already available! Release notes: Fixed verbose to display initial status when Execute commands with , for more information see using sudo Possibility to configure sudo credential using configure Fixed issue with the spaces at lineatfile Check all parameters at in order to have a default value Added the… Read More

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From now, it is possible to download CollectNode  package for an easier installation at Centos, RedHat, Oracle Linux, and other Linux systems with package systems. The steps to get CollecNode installed using rpm are: Download the package from this link , or directly from the servers using : wget –output-document=collectnode-1.0-7.x86_64.rpm If you get… Read More

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New CollectNode version 1.0.7 is already available! Release notes: Added new modifier duplicates Fix concurrent issue when using Added variables to grep and where filter commands. Fix some minor issues at localcommand. Catch the exception if the user cannot write at Groupby now allows to sort the exit by the groups used at… Read More

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From now, the CollectNode Forum is open and available to solve doubts, share knowledge, impressions … and anything related with CollectNode and Sysadmin/Devops world   To access, click at link   You will be redirected to the section   Login or Sign up if you don’t have already an account, and start using… Read More

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What People Think

It is a simple, effective and agile tool. What more could you ask for! It is very useful for running updates, reports, checks … In our installations we have incorporated it as a tool of habitual use with great success.

CollectNode is not just a tool, is THE tool! It is just perfect. Whatever you need, CollecNode can do it. I highly recommend it to every sysadmin to use it as it will saves you a lot of headaches in your daily tasks. For me it was a one way journey..

This new functionallity improves the centralised management for hetereogenous Data Centres covering both Windows and Linux/Unix Worlds. Thanks for this great tool!!!

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