Execute commands on remote servers

Executing tasks in multiple servers Unix/Linux/Windows and get any kind of report from it.
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1. Create a hosts file

Create a file and add the servers you want to work with, one server each line

2. Execute commands

Execute any command you need in all servers already configured in the hosts file


3. Get the results

After the commands are executed, a report is generated with the results.

What CollectNode can do for you

Powerful & Easy to Use

CollectNode is an easy to use IT sysadmin/devops tool. It will help you to have your job done

CollectNode will allow you manage your servers, execute tasks, get status, make any type of checks, generate reports, and basically, make your live easier. CollectNode is agentless, you can have it installed and configured in a couple of minutes, and start executing tasks though thousands of servers.

Fast and Reliable

CollectNode is able to execute tasks in thousands of servers, in seconds

CollectNode will allow you execute several kind of tasks in remote servers just in few seconds, and knowing it is a reliable source. It is based in ssh and winrm, which are both of them secure protocols.


Copy files

CollectNode can copy any file you need.

CollectNode will copy any file you need in all servers you want, doesn’t matter if it is a Unix/Linux or Windows server. It is based at sftp and samba protocols.

Persistent information

CollectNode can save the servers it works with, it is called CollectNode-DB

CollectNode DB allows you to save any server  you work with and tag them. Next time you need to execute a tasks at, for instance, production server with apache installed, just make the right query to CollectNode-DB and get them.

Linux and Windows

CollectNode is able to connect to Unix/Linux and Windows systems.

Never has been easy to check the whole environment independently of the operating system. CollectNode allows you to check all of them at once.

Remote sudo

CollectNode can execute any sudo task.

There is no problem to execute any sudo task remotely, If you need it, CollectNode can do it.


Execute scripts

CollectNode can execute any script you need

Does not matter if it is a bash script, powershell script, python scripts … CollectNode will copy the script in the servers you want, will execute it and get the result to you.

Save reports

CollectNode generates a report after a task is completed.

When a task is completed CollectNode generates a report with the results, this report is displayed directly  in the terminal, but if you want to work with it, just save it as CSV format.


And much more...

CollectNode is plenty of features.

Think what do you need, and for sure, there is a way CollectNode can help you. Try it!


CollectNode  can be installed in almost any Linux system

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