Find a server filtering for a specific feature

The other day someone asked me to find a server that match with the Serial Number they passed me. There were only 10 servers, but anyway with CollectNode there is no reason to make the search manually. in this case we are going to find a server with a specific serial...

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5 tasks CollectNode can help managing servers

CollectNode will allow you manage your servers, execute tasks, get status, make any type of checks, generate reports, etc etc. CollectNode is agentless, you can have it installed and configured in a couple of minutes, and start executing tasks though thousands of...

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Easiest way to do a remote sudo

Let's see the easiest way to do a remote sudo: Usually when a [crayon-5beb11d590438318875723-i/] command is executed in a remote server, an error is receive telling us that a remote [crayon-5beb11d590443156231933-i/] in not possible, even if the user have permissions...

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Ctrl+Z or What to do when Ctrl+C doesn’t work

When a process launched become hanged, the most useful option to kill it is to press [crayon-5beb11d59077c909698201-i/], but what to do when Ctrl+C doesn't work? In this cases it is very useful to use [crayon-5beb11d590785672852000-i/]. While Ctrl+C tries to kill the...

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Video: Understanding CollectNode output

In this video we can check the CollectNode output. How CollectNode executes a simple command, and gets the report, which is explained. The command to execute is: [crayon-5beb11d590ae3801211225/] The getent command displays entries from databases supported by the Name...

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video: How to get list of servers sorted by OS

In this video we will see how to get a list of servers sorted by OS, displaying the operating system for each one, CollectNode gets the servers from a file, then analyze them and finally displays the report. Enjoy!  Leave...

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Change user password remotely

It is easy to change the password for a local user, just type:[crayon-5beb11d591108815442347/] and follow the instructions. But, when we have to change password remotely, things became more complicated. We can make login in each server and change the password manually...

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