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Download CollectNode

After you get one of the Plans available, the Member Area menu option will be accessible.

member area

If you click on the Member Area, at the left side there is the downloads available. Click to download it.

download CollectNode

At the left side, there is the installation procedure. Click on it to see the instructions.

how to install CollectNode

Install CollectNode

Uncompress the tar file wherever you want CollectNode to be allocated.

Create symlinks to be able to execute CollectNode independently the path you are.

Configure CollectNode

execute the following command:

It is necessary to execute this command and configure the users and log path before the first use.

The first user to configure is the local one, where CollectNode is installed. This user will be used mainly for localcommand and some Windows tasks. It is mandatory.

The second user to configure is the one used to connect to the remote Unix/Linux nodes, required if you want to connect with Unix/Linux nodes. The password will be used If ssh public, private keys are not configured.

The third user to configure is the one used to connect to the remote Windows nodes, required if you want to connect with Windows nodes. To work with Windows nodes have some special prerequisites and configuration, for more information see configuring for Windows

The forth question is to configure the password to use if the sudo execution requires a password in the remote servers.  If the sudo password is not configured, CollectNode will use the password of the user used to connect to the remote servers.

Finally you have to configure where the logs will be saved, by default the path used is /var/log, change it if you want to save them in other place. Remember to introduce only the directory path, not the name of the file, the file name will be collectnode.log

The passwords are saved at collectnode.conf encapsulated, for security reasons.

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