Getting started #

CollectNode DB is a servers database that takes the information from CollectNode, everytime CollectNode is executed, the servers are stored at the database, with the possibility to associate tags to them.

So if any moment you need to create a list of servers dynamically that match some condition you just need to use CollectNode DB using the appropriate queries.

If you want to use this funcionality, the first step is install MongoDB server and client.

Once MongoDB is up and running, will be detect by CollectNode everytime is used and the servers and their tags will be saved, if database is used to allow it. The modifier --database is used to be sure we want really to save those servers in the database.

getting started 01
The operations allowed with tags are:

  • add tags to the servers:                                --addtag
  • remove tags from the servers:                      --removetag
  • replace the tags completely for new ones:   --replacetag

So if you want to add some tag, and for instance remove other tag no longer in use, the command would be:

If you want to remove all the tags from the servers and add new ones, just replace them writing the new ones.

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