By default execute remote commands on Unix/Linux systems is as easy as type this code:

But sometimes the result is not the expected:

What is happening here is that sudo by default requires a TTY in order to works, but this behaviour can be changed at /etc/sudoers (use the command visudo for that purpose), changing the line:


So now, if we try again, probably we will get the following output:

This is because the user requires a password in order to grant sudo permissions, but we don’t have TTY to type it. The way to fix it is to modified the sudo entry at /etc/sudoers or /etc/sudoers.d/ to allow the user to make sudo without password.

Let’s try now:


In summary

So, in summary, the steps to follow are:

  1. modified /etc/sudoers  line Defaults requiretty by:

  1. Allow the user to do sudo without password:

That is very useful when we need to get information or execute some command quickly in a server, However from version 1.0.8  CollectNode works with sudo in a very easy way, making not necessary to do all this configuration.


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