The other day someone asked me to find a server that match with the Serial Number they passed me. There were only 10 servers, but anyway with CollectNode there is no reason to make the search manually.

in this case we are going to find a server with a specific serial number, so let’s see how to do it.

First off all, we create the list of servers:

To get the serial number we can execute the CollectNode command --system. That gives basic information about servers. Click here to see the documentation about --system.

A basic execution will display all servers with the information required for all of them. The serial numbers are blurred for security reasons 😉

Find servers serial number

But in this case we want just to appear the server that matches the serial number. So we use the filter --where, that only displays the servers that accomplish the condition specify. Click here to see the documentation about --where

Find server filtering by serial number

In this case we are filtering the servers to only display the information for the ones that the output of the command --system contains the serial number specify.

And that’s all!!
I hope you have enjoyed the reading. 😉

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