maybe you have heard about CollectNode, and have thought What is CollectNode? Continue reading and discover it!

It is easy to convert some sysadmin/devops routines apparently simple in something tedious, when the number of servers involved are huge.

Imagine you have to check the User configured at apache configuration file http.conf, in all production servers, but not all the servers are using apache and you don’t know which ones are.
Wouldn’t be amazing a tool where you pass the list of all servers and the task you need, and you just have to wait for the report with the result appear in front of you? That’s CollectNode!

How to use CollectNode:

  1. Create the list of server, to work with
  2. Execute CollectNode passing the list of serves
  3. Get the Report
  4. Filtering

Create the list of servers:

Execute CollectNode passing the list of serves:

Get the Report:

what is CollectNode

Now it is easy to see the two servers with apache installed and the value of the variable User.


What if you want the report to be more specific only showing the information that is required, you can filter the the report making it more readable for you.

Let’s see and example where CollectNode will only shows the servers where the command column in the report displays User (using where command).

what is CollectNode
The final report is very precise about we want to know, and it was needed just one CollectNode execution without programming anything.

This example was very simple just to make it more easy to understand and explain 😉 If you want to know more about CollectNode output check Understanding CollectNode output video blog entry.

CollectNode is a great tool to collect information or execute commands to multiples servers, and get reports highly customizable. Can get information from Linux (ssh) and Windows (winrm) systems, and the commands are executed at the servers in the hosts file in parallel , making it very quick and versatile.

That’s all for now
Enjoy 😉

Get CollectNode now !

Leave CollectNode to make the hard work, and spend your time where really matters.
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